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COM-CNC – Spring Coilers​

(7 Products)

  • Designed for production of compression, extension, conical (one or both sides) springs and rings​
  • Servo Driven Axes​
  • 2-Coiling Point System​
  • Cam-less direct drive and control for right and left coiled springs​
  • New Real Spring software enables fast and easy machine programing​
  • Available SCPC Camera spring gauge measuring system



WIM-CNC – Lathe Coilers

(7 Products)​

  • Automatic servo controlled for COLD production of right and left coiled cylindrical, one side conical compression, extension and torsion springs, different wire forms and double torsion springs​
  • Available with up to 5 controlled axes​
  • Available wire catching system (WCS) for 1st coil​
  • Available graphical SpringMaster software SM4

WIM 20


WIM-H-CNC – Lathe Coilers for Hot Coiling ​

(1 Product)

  • Servo controlled Lathe Coiler​
  • Custom made to customer specifications up to 100mm wire diameter​
    • Specify wire materials (CrSi, CrV4, W.Nr. 1.4310, EN 10270, Tungsten, etc.​
    • Specify wire diameter, spring OD range and length, bar or coil, minimum length of spring leg, right and/or left coiling and level of automatization (robotic bar feed, spring removal, etc.)​
  • Available graphical SpringMaster software SM4

WIM 32 H CNC Robot

DTL – Fully Automatic Double Torsion Springs

(1 Product)

  • This machine is designed for a robot supported production of double torsion springs​
  • 3D SpringDesigner software makes programming easy​
  • Production line with one coiling station can produce up to 200 pieces/hour; two coiling stations can produce up to 400 pieces/hour


LTD – The LTD CNC line consists of two types of machines to produce Double Torsion Springs ​

(4 Products)


    Machines produce U-forms​

    • Servo controlled machine straightens wire from wire coil​
    • Then produces the U-form for making double torsion springs​
  • LTD DT

    Machines coils U-forms into Double Torsion Springs

    • Servo controlled machine is used for coiling Double Torsion Springs​
    • Using the U-forms that are produced on the LTD OBL machine, the LTD DT machine will coil Double Torsions Springs



BEM-CNC – Table Wire Benders

(4 Products)​

  • Servo controlled semi-automatic wire forming machines are designed for fast and easy production for bending wire and strips

BEM 12


GRM-CNC – Spring End Grinders

(4 Products)​

  • Servo controlled semi-automatic spring end grinder machines are used for horizontal crush or down-feed grinding​
  • Automatic height adjustment in coordination with the number of revolutions of the grinding wheel increases capacity and efficiency ​
  • Programmable control technology for loading table simplifies the loading of the machine​
  • Automatic unloading and semi-automatic compensation of the grinding wheel wear increases productivity​
  • HMI CNC control unit makes set up and operation easy to use



OBW – Spring Loopers ​

(3 Products)

  • Semi-automatic looping machines are designed to produce loops on pre-coiled extension springs​
  • EN 10270-1 DH / ASTM A228 Wire diameter from 0.8 mm to 8 mm​
  • Spring OD from 5 mm to 90 mm



MPK – Heavy Spring Loopers ​

(3 Products)

  • Semi-automatic hydraulic driven spring looping machines are designed to produce loops on pre-coiled extension springs​
  • EN 10270-1 DH / ASTM A228 Wire diameter from 5 mm to 20 mm​
  • Spring OD from 25 mm to 240 mm​
  • Tooling for CrSi wire available



CMH – Trimmers

(4 Products)​

  • Semi-automatic trimming machines are designed for cutting off the springs, spring ends and spring legs​
  • Equipped with special hydraulic system for faster and more effective cutting​
  • Stroke adjustment for small wire sizes increases productivity​


HMV- Power Reels ​

(8 Products)

  • Electric power reels with a load capacity up to 2400 kg​
  • Right- or left-hand power reels​
  • 2-speed and brake adjustable by potentiometer​
  • Asynchronous or brushless motors, fan cooled​
  • Emergency switch for the machine stop with audible alarm​
  • The dance is equipped with wire guide, counterweight and adjustable spring tension​
  • Baskets for reels for use of oil tempered wire are available