Coiling Machinery

Fortuna Federn GmbH manufactures a full range of machinery for the Spring Coiling Industry. This includes Spring Coilers, Spring Lathe Coilers for either Cold or Hot Coiling, Double Torsion Spring Coiling, Wire Bending, Spring Trimming, Spring End Grinding, Spring Looping, Power Reels and special, non-standard equipment for unique spring making requirements.​

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Parts & Tooling

Coiling Equipment & Fortuna Federn  offer parts and tooling for your existing Fortuna Federn machinery. Send us your machine’s model number, serial number, detailed description of the part or tooling that you require, and we will provide you with what you need to get your machine productive.​

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What makes us unique

Coiling Equipment works closely with our customers and our technical team at Fortuna Federn to develop custom and special equipment for the customer’s spring making needs and handling service requests.​

We are the exclusive distributor of Fortuna Federn machinery for the North American market.

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